The Gift of Motherhood


Known to thousands of readers for her inspiring insight, Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., now turns to a more personal topic, one that's especially near and dear to her heart: being a mother. The Gift of Motherhood: Ten Truths for Every Mother is inspired by her relationship with her own daughter and informed by the numerous parents and teens she's helped in her family workshops. Filled with stories from other moms who've been there, The Gift of Motherhood provides not only universal advice that all mothers need, but also insight into what it means to be a mother. With plenty of inspiration to guide a mother on her journey, The Gift of Motherhood is the perfect gift, a one-of-a kind treasure.

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Chinese – The Gift of Motherhood (Chinese-Simplified)
Chinese – The Gift of Motherhood (Chinese-Complex)
Dutch – De Gave Van Het Moederschap (Dutch)
Italian – Se Fare La Mamma E Un'avventura Ecco La Mappa (Italian)
Portuguese – O Dom Da Maternidade (Portuguese)