If Success is a Game, These Are The Rules – Hardcover


When I first started to explore the 'Rules for Success,' I felt that I had to first define what I meant by 'success.' I thought long and hard about the word 'success.' I interviewed people I knew, and approached many that I didn't know, to get a sense of what success means to them. I then researched biographies of famous people who had lived what appear to be successful lives, and it was then that the first truth emerged: success means different things to different people.

I probed a bit deeper and found that underneath each person's vision, dreams, and goals nestled one essential core: a universal desire for fulfillment. Even though some may dream of riches, others of fame, and still others of making a difference, all of them agree that to be fulfilled was the ultimate measurement of success. Even Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men in the world, pinpointed happiness as the key defining element of true success.