Learning and Development


LDYou’ve reached the C-Suite… but, now what? There’s no doubt you’ve exhibited leadership skills in order to land a spot in the C-Suite, but the learning doesn’t end there. When it comes to a C-Suite executive, being flexible, adaptable, and curious are important traits to have and maintain.

With an ever evolving world, staying on top means maintaining a constant quench for knowledge. Harvard Business Review recently wrote an article about how to stay on top once you’ve made it there. They stated that the top three skills and industry changes C-Suite executives need to refresh and keep apprised of are: IT skills, industry and market changes, and team-building skills.

Now, you may think to yourself, IT skills? That makes sense. Technology is ever-changing. You need to know how to work the newest gadget or device. The market and industry changes, well, of course, those could prove costly to your company if you’re not paying attention. But team-building skills… isn’t that what Human Resources is for? The answer is no. Many C-Suite executives are realizing they have to learn how to manage global teams, virtual teams, cross-functional teams, and co-located teams on their own. Managing by instinct no longer works, you’re needing to learn how to apply an analytical lens, and apply industries best practices to your company.

So where can you turn for advice? How can you gain the skills and training you so desperately need to be the successful C-Suite executive you were born to be?

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott has been training C-Suite executives, employees, CEO’s, the world over for more than forty years, and she has what it takes to teach you the skills you need to effectively and efficiently manage your team.

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