Human Resources


If you’re in Human Resources, you’ve probably thought it before, “Coaching? Isn’t that what I already do?” Although you ask questions, listen to employees and management, and encourage and help them reach their capabilities, it’s not quite the same as coaching.

Coaching, as it is, has revolutionized human connection, relationships, and communication. There is a level of sophistication that coaching brings to Human Resources. In an ideal world, a Human Resource Coach would establish trust and safety, listen actively, ask powerful questions, learn to trust their intuition, create awareness, learn to quiet the voices of the mind, suspend judgment, design actions, directly communicate, plan and set goals, and manage progress with their coaching client.

HRAn attentive Human Resource Coach would be aware of the ebbs and flows of their coaching client’s behavior, triggers, situations that could lead to a potentially hostile work environment. This same Human Resource Coach would be mindful of the coaching client who has been working particularly hard and requires acknowledgment.

With over 40 years in the field, Dr. Chérie understands and teaches the significance of what she calls CAP: Communication, Acknowledgment, and Prevention. When clients are able to communicate about their feelings, they can receive acknowledgment, and unwanted situations can be prevented.

In a field where human connection and communication is vital, coaching is an invaluable skill. To find out how your Human Resource department can be trained as Human Resource Coaches today, contact Dr. Chérie.