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Corporations are like families. As you know, each family shares its own unique blend of traditions, visions, goals, personalities, and culture. You’ve probably seen high functioning families as well as those on the opposite spectrum. The same goes for corporations, and the fix isn’t always a cookie-cutter approach. Sometimes it appears as if individuals in business do their job yet lack the cohesiveness, alignment, and communication skills necessary to cause the desired results of the corporation leadership.

Dr. Chérie has worked with small start-ups and Fortune 500 corporations alike for more than forty years, and she understands that each corporate program needs to be tailor fit to meet the needs of the company, their employees, the management, visions, personalities, and goals. Dr. Chérie will help business leaders articulate their visions, missions, and goals. She assists teams in aligning their energies toward the desired outcomes. She supports initiatives and presents courses to augment perceived gaps in the big picture. Dr. Chérie acts as a change agent, ensuring that the culture change is effective, efficient, and endures over time, while feeling authentic, natural, and true to your corporate culture.

Imagine attending a corporate training at a large convention center, only at this training the presenters are somehow got mixed up. A stand-up comic came to train your Corporate Law Firm about Ethics and Integrity, while the certified coach that was booked to do your training was at the Annual Comedians Convention, delivering their keynote speech across the hall. Sure, the stand-up comic could likely get a few laughs from the crowd; however, the training would not be customized to fit the needs of your Corporate Law Firm. Many of the attendees would leave feeling as though their time was not valued, they didn’t receive any takeaways, and the training was a waste of energy and company resources.

Don’t let this happen to your company. Contact Dr. Chérie to customize a corporate training for your company today, and make your next event the success it is intended to be.

Custom Corporate Processes and Programs Include:

Corporate Processes (Process Facilitation)
Using the MMS facilitation model, customer service and team-building sessions move individuals and groups to consensus in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere.

• Employee Owned Change™
• Teambuilding
• Customer Service
• Employee Engagement


Employee Owned Change™
The most popular MMS Corporate Process, this program creates a blueprint that represents “The Voice of the People” that can be used effectively to manage the change process. Employee’s buy-in to the process because they are involved, heard, and their suggestions are taken into consideration before the changes are engineered. With data gathering, synthesis, feedback and collaborative design, we make participative management a reality. EOC™ is a powerful program and a dynamic tool that supports integrated change efforts at all levels of the organization.


Management Development Courses
Content-driven programs that teach specific skills, enhance abilities, and provide a framework for continuing professional education.

Consultative Sales Goal Setting
Interviewing Skills Leadership Skills
Performance Appraisal Presentation Skills
Termination and Exit Interview Women in Leadership
Working in Harmony Legendary Customer Service
Coaching Skills Goal Setting
Change Management Communication
Mentoring Managing Subordinates
Client Communication Performance Coaching
How to Run Successful Meetings Purpose Coaching

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