Time Management

TimeManagementMost individuals don’t learn time management in school. You’re left to our own devices. When left to your own devices, you often get into a habit called procrastination. Procrastination means putting off something that you need to get done because there’s something more interesting or more fun that’s in front of you, that you’d rather do instead.

For instance, a lot of people take paperwork and make paperwork into procrastinated paperwork. They put it off to the point where it’s really critical, it has to get done, and then they do it. They do it with resentment or bitterness, or anger, frustration. They feel like they shouldn’t have to do this thing, but they have to do it anyway, or they don’t do it and then they end up in some sort of a crisis if they don’t do it at all.

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Time management is really sitting down and formulating your goals and your objectives for a time frame, let’s say a year or a quarter, then sorting out in order to get there, what you need to accomplish in that time frame in order to achieve your goals. Managing your time means including those critical factors that you want to achieve in order to get the job done.

If you’re going to write a book and you want to have that book written by August, you have to plan your time so that the book actually gets written. You have to sit down. You have to discipline yourself. You have to actually write. You have to find the motivation. You have to find the spark. You have to find the interest, or nothing will get done.

That is one of the things that we look at. What gets in the way of them being able to have the results that they want? Because what we’re looking for is results.

You have to be able to manage yourself and your time, and the time that you’re allotted, which means that you have to get to know yourself really well and figure out what you need to do to be able to produce good results in the time allotted rather than sitting at the computer, just staring at a blank screen.

I help people see what the time gobblers are. The time gobblers are things that take your time and gobble it up, and you have nothing left and you don’t know why. That’s one of the things that we look at, it’s, what gets in the way of them being able to have the results that they want, because what we’re looking for is, we’re looking for results.


I dial in a custom approach for each person and what fits their personality. I find out from people what they’re willing to do because I know that motivation comes from success. We have to get them on a success track. That track doesn’t always come from doing the toughest thing. Sometimes they just keep procrastinating and resisting. They can’t produce quality work if it’s overly difficult, so we start with baby steps, moving forward, on to the path of success. When they feel they’re on a roll, then we moving forward and tackle larger tasks.”

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