Executive Coach

People don’t just land in management positions or in the “C-suite,” they are groomed and developed. To ensure that the right people have the needed skills and abilities to lead their companies into the future, management frequently hires a coach to support “high potentials” as they work to fulfill their leadership capabilities.

Coaching Session

The need for executive coaching is extensive. Whether you are an executive that makes all the numbers but lack people skills, your’e technically brilliant but don’t quite make the cut when it comes to communication skills, or perhaps you’re working to meet the challenge of succeeding to the C-Suite, Dr. Chérie can guide you through coaching.

Dr. Chérie has been a coach to CEOs and executives worldwide, and when they choose or promote a new executive, companies will hire Dr. Chérie to ease the transition and prepare their newly minted executive. She knows how to walk the Executive-Coachingline between management’s requests and the confidentiality of the coaching relationship.

Dr. Chérie is honest and encourages conversations that are necessary without disclosing private or proprietary information. Her unique coaching style aligns executive development with business goals and performance.

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Dr. Chérie’s Executive Coaches have contributed to MGM Mirage, the Women of Color Conference, and to me personally. This specific process empowers people to make choices and changes that positively impact lives as well as the bottom line. I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Chérie as an Executive Coach!

—Hilary McClain,
McClain Resources

Dr. Chérie’s Executive Coaching has helped my organization and me personally. I can’t think of any person or organization who would not benefit from her myriad of skills and abilities.

—Jack Canfield,
Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises

The Executive Coaches that Dr. Chérie provided to our employees in the New Beginnings program provided outstanding results. 100% placement was achieved for all of those transitioning into new jobs and careers! Dr. Chérie’s Executive Coaching exceeded all expectations. I feel proud and honored that through the committed coaching, we achieved all of our objectives. I am sincerely grateful.

—Joseph S. Schlegel
GTE (now Verizon)

Dr. Chérie’s Executive Coaching produced behavior changes, more efficient decision making, more balance of power and participation in meetings, and most importantly movement in the direction of achieving our goals. I recommend Dr. Chérie’s Executive Coaching to any executive who is determined to achieve their desired results.

—Michael Johnston,
Highs Aerospace and Electronic Corporation

The Executive Coaching that I have done with Dr. Chérie over the last 15 years has been staggeringly successful for me personally and for our company. I have achieved the results because of our mutual work and for that, I am profoundly grateful!

—Bob Furstenau,
Meredith Corporation

Because of the outstanding Executive Coaching Dr. Chérie provided at all levels of the organization, net income system wide rose 800%, and employee turnover dropped 81%. I could never have imagined these astronomical results when I hired Dr. Chérie and her team of Executive Coaches.

—George Hain,
Hain Enterprises – Burger King