English Language Coach


If you’re a Native English speaker, you know the language in their bones, especially if you have had a great education. Dr. Chérie has been educated at some of the best educational institutions in the world, has earned TESL certification, and has published 16 books including several which have hit #1 on the NY Times bestseller’s list.

If you want to travel, make a career change, generate a higher income, relocate, or just add another language to your répertoire, mastering English is a must! Learning English doesn’t have to be a lifelong process. Dr. Chérie is certified to teach English as a Second Language, and she loves empowering people to learn the language, while delighting in the breakthroughs.

ESLDr. Chérie knows to become fluent in English, it is essential to learn to read, listen, and speak the language. She provides the practice you need to truly master the language without the embarrassment that you’re not pronouncing words or common phrases correctly. Take the frustration out of learning a new language and contact Dr. Chérie today.

Dr. Chérie can help non-English speakers learn pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure, word usage, and storytelling, while you expanding your vocabulary exponentially. It is something she loves doing, and it shows!