Burnout and Life Balance Coach

If you are a high achiever, have difficulty saying, “No,” always want to please your inner circle, and never want to disappoint anyone; If you tend to be perfectionistic, feel overly responsible for most situations, and experience guilt when you imagine not living up to expectations; if you have difficulty setting boundaries, limits, or making your own needs and wants a priority, you are a candidate for “Burnout.”

Dr. Chérie knows the signs for burnout, and you should too! You may be on the road to burnout if:

  • Every day is a bad day.
  • Caring about your personal and professional responsibilities seems like a waste of time and energy.
  • You’re experiencing constant lethargy and exhaustion.
  • You feel like nothing you do makes a difference.
  • Much of your day is filled with tasks you find mind-numbingly dull or extremely overwhelming.

Balance-copyDr. Chérie has successfully dealt with burnout in a myriad of situations over the years, and she knows it’s not simply a result of long hours. Often times burnout occurs when you are not in alignment with the goals and vision which have been placed upon you. As a result you may become depressed, cynical, and lethargic, leaving you to feel incapable of carrying out your career responsibilities, and unable to function in your personal and professional life. Dr. Chérie has helps people learn from their circumstances, heal their lack of balance, and change their behaviors to live balanced and harmonious lives before burnout becomes detrimental to their physical health.

Dr. Chérie’s gentle and supportive coaching method helps you cope with overwhelm, and overcome setbacks, self-doubt, or a lack of self-confidence and blossom into the confident, certain, and capable person you imagined you could be. Dr. Chérie is here to support your capability, to help you breakthrough any concerns about repeating old patterns, and take command of your found strength and courage skills.