Coach Training Testimonials

Dear Dr. Chérie,

First of all thank you!

My last 90 days with you have been really terrific – when I got into this program, I had high hopes. And coming off it now, I can say that the real experience was even better. I have been most impressed and influenced by your ability to actively listen, and pick up hidden “issues” or “emotions” and then you making me see it.

You have helped me immensely in my chosen area of coaching – and I was often surprised how much you of “yourself” you brought in the discussion to make a difference. That takes absolute commitment to coaching, and takes courage – I have seen many teachers who tell or everyone else who has a view. What I could see with you, is the view formed by experience, formed by taking those risks yourself – and that you brought all of that to help me.

In a traditional setting, a student may feel that he is one in many – and that the teacher is one. So the “balance of teaching” is imbalanced a bit – gets impersonalized and the learning potential gets compromised. In your sessions with me, you made me realize that both of us were equally committed to my betterment. I just wish I had experienced more teachers or coaches like you.

In the end, I hope you share more of this with others and for my own selfish reasons, I hope I could stay in touch with you. I cant thank you enough and I am sure I will make sure that our paths cross again.

Thank you, happy holidays and merry Christmas.

Anish Mukker
Sr Vice President, Banking and Financial Services
Genpact, India

The MMS Coach Training and Master Class have significantly enhanced my confidence in initiating transformational processes, both with clients and students. By being better able to connect and to support them in our professional field which is ICT in the public sector. The MMS work has greatly improved my effectiveness as a coach, management consultant and teacher.

Johannes van Veen, PhD
Senior consultant & academic director
The Masterprogramme of Public Information Management

We used Motivataion Management Service to help us design and implement programs to help create a coaching culture. Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott and Michael Pomije taught coaching skills to the partners and to various levels of management. In addition, they also coached 15 of our high potentials. We were pleased with their collaborative style and with the results that were produced with their guidance. Dr. Chérie is an extremely capable master coach and facilitator who helped our staff become even more effective at the execution of their jobs. Her coaching skills are outstanding! We are very grateful for their help.

Kaisri Nuengsigkapian
CEO, KPMG Thailand

We introduced the MMS Coach Training process to provide a better means to connect to the members of our organization.

Over this past year, it is evident that our team of ten MMS coaches have assisted our mentors, to supervise and lead others better in the performance of their job duties. In addition, better choices have been made in the areas of job retention, (members choosing to continue service vs. quitting), enhanced relationships that could otherwise effect work productivity, achievement of academic / training pursuits, and overall better focus on both personal and professional life.

All of our MMS Coach Training graduates would strongly agree that the value we received goes well beyond the tuition paid. My biggest triumph is that our people know that we care about them individually and through their willingness to utilize the MMS coaching process in the workplace trust has been restored.

Chief Dan Quinn
Retired US ANG