Dr. Chérie started writing The New Species in 1977 as part of the MMS Coach Training program. A decade passed and a colleague suggested that she write a book. She proudly replied that she had already done so, to which her colleague replied, “I mean a trade book, one that many, many people will read, something that explains in part your coaching work.”

After a brief exchange, Dr. Chérie wrote the book proposal for Negaholics. Another friend and colleague suggested that she send the proposal to his agent, which she happily did. He found the concept fascinating and subsequently sold the manuscript to Villard, a division of Random House.

Negaholics was chosen by Oprah, and became so popular that it sold hundreds of thousands of copies and was published in 14 languages.

The sequel to Negaholics was The Corporate Negaholic containing case stories about her Organizational Development work over 20 years that illustrates the connection between people’s behavior from their family of origin to the corporate environment. In 1993, Dr. Chérie published, Inner View, to support women in taking responsibility for their health by tracking the causes and effects of the ups and downs in daily life.

Dr. Chérie received significant National and International notoriety and public recognition in 1998 when If Life is a Game, These are the Rules was published. This was primarily because she accessed the universal truths that connect all people in the essence of what it means to be human. This Life book has such universal appeal that it is now published in over 40 languages worldwide.

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How wonderful it would be if we were all given Chérie Carter-Scott’s 10 rules the day we were born…The door to a satisfying life lies within each of us, and Chérie’s eternal inspiring message provides the key. – Jack Canfield, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Such a great read! It felt as if I had an epiphany about myself, which is a really hard thing to do with a book. – Angelina Bong, Vancouver, British Columbia

In 1977, long before having a “life coach” was something commonly discussed at Starbucks, Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott published her first book on the subject and began a career that eventually, would find her labeled, “The Mother of Coaching.” New Species (published in 1978) was to become the first of many books Dr. Scott would write on personal development. The long list includes, “Negaholics,” a series of `Rules’ books – including “If Life is a Game, These are the Rules,” and her most recent work, “Transformational Life Coaching.”

Transformation Life Coaching throws open the doors to Life Coaching School and invites us all inside. Although written for those who either are, or espouse to become, mentors in the transformational movement, this book is an accessible “how to” for anyone. It welcomes all those who have spent time seeking to develop a better appreciation with their own life and how they intend to live it. Chapter 1 literally outlines what to look for and how to choose a coach, offering twenty-five important questions to discuss during the interview process.

Andrea T. Goeglein
Las Vegas, NV

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