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I have known Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott for over twenty years. I have taken her workshop, co-sponsored conferences with her, and had her consult with my organization, and she has been my own personal coach.

When we included the Rules for Being Human by “Anonymous” in Chicken Soup for the Soul®, I had no idea that Cherie was the author. When I learned that she was the author of the Rules, I was delighted yet not surprised. Cherie is a master facilitator whose life is dedicated to empowering and transforming people’s experience of living life, so it made perfect sense that she would have created this astonishingly profound and simple template for understanding life.

While reading this book, you will begin to see your life from a whole new perspective. If you embrace the principles in this book, I promise you that your life will magically transform, and that you will learn the secrets to manifesting your heart’s desire. The Ten Rules for Being Human will open up many transformational opportunities for you. Enjoy the book, learn the lessons, and become a master of the game of life.

Most of all, she shows that wisdom lies inside each one of us and that by putting The Ten Rules for Being Human into action we can create a more fulfilling life.

Jack Canfield, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

If Life is a Game These are the Rules
The little book with the powerful message. – Oprah

If Life is a Game, These are the Rules is a template for living. Everyone needs to read these words of wisdom. It’s ‘simple’ yet important ‘stuff’ – Richard Carlson, Author of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”

How wonderful it would be if we were all given Chérie Carter-Scott’s 10 rules the day we were born…The door to a satisfying life lies within each of us, and Chérie’s eternal inspiring message provides the key. – Jack Canfield, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Such a great read! It felt as if I had an epiphany about myself, which is a really hard thing to do with a book. – Angelina Bong, Vancouver, British Columbia


In 1977, long before having a “life coach” was something commonly discussed at Starbucks, Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott published her first book on the subject and began a career that eventually, would find her labeled, “The Mother of Coaching.” New Species (published in 1978) was to become the first of many books Dr. Scott would write on personal development. The long list includes, “Negaholics,” a series of `Rules’ books – including “If Life is a Game, These are the Rules,” and her most recent work, “Transformational Life Coaching.”

Transformation Life Coaching throws open the doors to Life Coaching School and invites us all inside. Although written for those who either are, or espouse to become, mentors in the transformational movement, this book is an accessible “how to” for anyone. It welcomes all those who have spent time seeking to develop a better appreciation with their own life and how they intend to live it. Chapter 1 literally outlines what to look for and how to choose a coach, offering twenty-five important questions to discuss during the interview process.

Andrea T. Goeglein
Las Vegas, NV


This was one of the best books I have read on everlasting love. So in search of something more meaningful than what I had been experiencing in my relationships, I had an earnest desire to finally figure out what was going on inside of me, that had me feeling so empty inside my relationships.

First and foremost, this book helped me wrap my mind around the idea that loving relationships require a commitment by both parties involved in order for it to be fulfilling, loving and everlasting. This ‘feeling’ that I was after was not a thing I could draw out from others alone. This ‘feeling’ I was after was one that was weaved together out of a union that only two committed, mature and loving adults could produce.

This book lays the ingredients out on the line for its readers, and makes it very easy to understand where so many of us go wrong. So many of us forget why we fell in love with our partners, and once the ‘enchantment’ has faded, we feel lost, or detached from our partners. Rather than focus on our relationships by deliberately drawing our minds to what is right about our partners, we sometimes fade into the growing abyss between us, and move further out of love, than into it.

After my divorce, I read this book because I wanted to arm myself with as much information as possible about real love, because that is what I was now aiming for.

I am happy to say, that after twelve years of perfecting my ideas about love, including and most importantly ‘self love’, I am happily engaged to my equal. He and I are playing by the rules, and that is making all the difference in our lives. It feels so good to finally get it right..

I highly recommend this book.


Lisa A. Romano
New York


The book is helping me reform from being so negative about everyone and everything. The time I spend thinking about a situation is helping me learn to control my temper, and I would no longer rate my anger at the point of being hostile.

My only disapppointment was that the expedited shpping I paid for did not meet my hopes and expectation. It still took a week to reach Tucson from California. It was a small disappointment and does not change my rating for the product or the people I purchased it from. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

Thank you for carrying books like these for people who desperately need them, like I did. I’m on my second reading and note taking.